My new hobby

Well, I have 4 more days to teach( actually to mark exams).  It’s hard to believe since I started in 1976.  I haven’t been full-time for all those years but I have taught something for most of them.  It has become a huge part of my psyche and my identity and I will ( do ) have trouble letting go.  I still have a few more media-based topics that I will write about in the future but they are not ready yet; so for now, I will unveil my new hobby: painting old furniture.

Up-cycling of old pieces has become popular and it is a shame to let solid, well-made pieces linger in basements and thrift shops while people continue to consume new products that are cheaply made and are harming the environment.  I have fallen in love with Annie Sloan chalk paint which is not only environmentally safe but which is the most wonderful stuff to work with.  You can paint over anything without having to strip it first.  The stripping is the part that most people want to avoid as well as the chemicals in primers etc.  This is a mahogany dresser that I have recently finished and put up for sale.  It belonged to my husband’s grandmother and is beautifully made but 70+years of wear and tear meant it was in need of a complete re-finishing or a paint job like I have given it.  The colour is called Provence blue, all the edges have been distressed and it has been protected with clear and dark waxes.IMG_0277IMG_0292022(1)

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1 Response to My new hobby

  1. pbh says:

    my grandmother’s inlayed mahogany dresser 😦 but nicely photographed! best of luck with your new vocation!!!

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