Computers as saviours of education

The ‘sexiness”of computers. I have recently heard of a principal who feels that traditional art classes should be replaced with some type of computer art class. I am not a Luddite; I see a time when textbooks will be online because it’s cheaper and saves paper but anyone who has been in a classroom for awhile knows that education is a lot more than transmission of information and that kids don’t work or tune out for a variety of reasons.

Larry Cuban on School Reform and Classroom Practice

“Zombie ideas” are “beliefs about policy that have been repeatedly refuted with evidence and analysis but refuse to die,” according to Paul Krugman. The astonishment that Krugman expresses about the return of erroneous ideas again and again that simply won’t die regardless of how much  evidence there is to destroy them springs from Krugman’s belief in policymakers being rational beings. Policymakers consider research studies and rational argument, logic, and evidence to inform, make, and determine policy. As anyone in political life knows, however, such analyses do not destroy zombie brains with laser-like rationality. Erroneous ideas trump rationality and account for the zombie phenomenon again and again.

The repeated return of mistaken ideas captures well my experiences with technologies in schools and what I have researched over decades. The zombie idea that is rapidly being converted into policies that in the past have been “refuted with evidence but refuse to…

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  1. pbh says:

    Not sure if there is any one solution for the gerneal population to get a proper education. There are many students who would not have access to computers if it weren’t for schools and libraries. They don’t replace traditional teachers and teaching, but computers can enhance learning, and a working knowledge of them is an unfortuante necessity. Cuban doesn’t like online learning, but, once again, it provides access to those who are terrifed of amassing debt that seems to plague many who otherwise might not strive for higher education. To say that the great thinkers/administrators/politicians follow ever-growing zombie-like trends is an understatement, however.

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