5 great websites for Media Education

In some of my previous posts, I have mentioned some websites that are helpful for information and for generating ideas about how to teach Media.  MediaSmarts is a must for anyone who is just getting started; they have extensive resources and are very up-to-date.  The following are sites that I have come across that offer some exciting ideas:

1.  The Lamp.  This site is dedicated to making students more thoughtful consumers of Media and challenges the status quo. Its goal is to reform and improve Media.  It offers some great interactive ideas.

2.  TeachThought.  For techies, it’s all about new Media and technology in the classroom.  It has very interesting articles about 21st century literacies and about critical thinking.

3.  The Media Spot.  Its resource page is excellent.  The goal of this organization is to promote the integration of Media within the curriculum.

4.  Mediaed.  This is a UK site that teaches how to use filmmaking within the classroom.

5.  Namle.  The National Association for Media Literacy Education.  This site has resources, research and networking.

Teaching Media can be overwhelming unless you have a firm grasp of the key concepts.  These concepts are worded differently depending on which province, country or website you consult but they are all essentially the same.  The following are from the MediaSmarts website and are an excellent summary of the ideas: Key concepts.

Mr. Media is a media teacher in New Brunswick whose blog reflects the reality of teaching Media Studies in high school.  In one of his blogs on teaching camera angles to students he posted the following video from YouTube which is both hilarious and very instructive on how film creates meaning.   It’s a clever way to illustrate this: video


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One Response to 5 great websites for Media Education

  1. pbh says:

    cetainly loved the video. now if i could only shoot one of my wife mouthing the words how wonderful i am… by the way, the John Stewart Show is fast becoming how many (north) americans get their news. right on!

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