The voluntary withdrawal of extra-curricular actvities

Eleven high schools in the OCDSB did not register for fall sports and Hillcrest was one of them.  The individual choice to not participate showed wisdom and courage on the part of the teachers but it was also a personal sacrifice for a lot of them.  Hillcrest is a school that has faced tremendous adversity because of boundary changes and other factors.  We have lost half of our teachers in the last 3 years and of those who remain, the majority have well over 10 years experience.  These individuals, myself included, will suffer the least under the new regulations but we want to show our support for younger teachers and for the democratic process.  Most of us have been through numerous strikes including our protest against the Harris government.  We know how hard we have fought for our benefits. I also want to point out that this is hardship for the coaches because for most of them coaching is the main reason they became teachers.

Some people believe we should not antagonize our students or their parents.  They are wrong because we have no other stick to use.  Let me use an analogy to a classroom teacher who hopes to control the class and receive the students’ goodwill by appeasing them and trying to make everyone happy.  Does it work?  Almost never.  If we were to carry on, business as usual, the parents would be very happy but would they help us fight the government? Never.  Sadly, they are more likely to make noise if it hurts.

History is not kind to appeasers.

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