How to save the province money

The public school teachers in Ontario are heading for a long period of labour unrest with the Ontario government.  We have become the scapegoats in the need to cut the budget and our democratic rights have been trampled.  One suggestion which most teachers would agree with is to cut EQAO.  The need to do well on these tests has driven elementary school teaching to the detriment of many subjects and is at odds with the trends in education and Ontario’s own curriculum.  Ontario always seems to implement policies which  have been introduced elsewhere and which have been shown to be ineffective.  Anyone remember Transitions? The teachers strike in Chicago is primarily about statistically driven education.  Check out Larry Cuban‘s blog on the Chicago teachers’s strike which is exactly where we don’t want to go in Ontario.

Create more effective teacher education in the universities.  It should be an 18-month course, and the program should be more carefully monitored by the province to ensure that teacher-candidates are being fully prepared with more time spent in the classroom and more time being immersed in what the curriculum actually means.

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2 Responses to How to save the province money

  1. Thanks for the link, Cathy. It’s useful to hear about the trends in other jurisdictions. I absolutely agree with you about EQAO, including the OSSLT. A test whose results can be predicted by looking at class lists in courses for students having difficulties with language arts is a test that provides no useful information that could not equally be gained by asking the teachers. Was there ever a time when teachers’ judgement was actually trusted?

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